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Avenue of the Arts

Refers to a section of Broad Street south of City Hall that features many of the city's performing arts institutions including the Kimmel Center, Academy of Music, Wilma Theater, and more.

Broad Street Bullies

The nickname for the Philadelphia Flyers, the city's NHL (National Hockey League) team. Their mascot is Gritty and they play at the Wells Fargo Center arena in South Philly.

BSL / The Orange Line

SEPTA's Broad Street Line, the subway that runs from Fern Rock Transportation Center in the north to nrg Sports and Entertainment Complex in the south.

Center City

Philly's downtown commercial district, generally between the Schuylkill River to the west, Delaware River to the east, Spring Garden Street to the north, and South Street to the south. City Hall sits at the center of the district at the intersection of Broad Street and Market Street.

Down the shore

Refers to the beaches of New Jersey, a short trip from Philadelphia by car or train. People will often refer to traveling 'down the shore' or visiting the 'Jersey shore'.


The neighborhood surrounding 13th and Locust Streets which is a hub of LGBTQ nightlife and home to the William Way LGBT Community Center.

Go Birds

A cheer or greeting referring to the Philadelphia Eagles, the city's NFL (National Football League) team. The Eagles' mascot is Swoop and they play at Lincoln Financial Field stadium in South Philly.


A local term for a sandwich, elsewhere known as a sub, served on a long Italian roll and typically filled with deli meats, cheese, and toppings. You can find them at many restaurants across the city, including the popular chain Wawa.

Italian Market

An open-air market located along 9th Street in South Philly with vendors selling an assortment of foods and lined with restaurants, bakeries, and other specialty shops.


A Philly slang word that can refer to anything: a thing, person, or place.

MFL / The Blue Line / The El

SEPTA's Market-Frankford Line, the subway that runs from Frankford Transportation Center in the east to 69th Street in the west.

Old City

Philadelphia's historic district, which is home to many sites related to the founding of America including Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross House, and more.


The nickname for the Philadelphia Phillies, the city's MLB (Major League Baseball) team. Their mascot is the Phillie Phanatic and they play at the Citizens Bank Park stadium in South Philly.

Reading Terminal

An indoor public market located at 12th Street and Arch Street in Center City that features a variety of restaurants, shops, and other vendors.


The Philadelphia

Seventy-Sixers (76ers), Philadelphia's NBA (National Basketball Association) team. Their mascot is Franklin and they play at the Wells Fargo Center arena in South Philly.

Sons of Ben

Supporters of the Philadelphia Union, the city’s MLS (Major League Soccer) team. Their mascot is Phang and they play at Subaru Park in Chester, a short trip from Philadelphia.

The Green Line

SEPTA's subway-surface

trolley line.

The Linc

Lincoln Financial Field, the outdoor stadium in South Philly that is home to the Eagles.

The Parkway

Refers to Benjamin Franklin Parkway, a scenic boulevard that begins at City Hall and ends at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The Parkway runs through the Museum District and is home to many arts and culture institutions including the Barnes Foundation, Academy of Natural Sciences, Rodin Museum, Franklin Institute, and more.

Water ice

A frozen or semi-frozen sweetened treat made with fruit or other flavorings, similar to Italian ice or sorbet. John’s Water Ice is a well-known shop in South Philly and Rita’s Water Ice is a popular chain in the Philly area. Philadelphians sometimes pronounce water as 'wooder'.

Whiz wit

A popular way to order a Philadelphia cheesesteak, the city's famous sandwich consisting of thinly sliced or chopped steak, cheese, and onions. 'Whiz' refers to cheez wiz, a liquid cheese sauce, and 'wit' means with onions.


A Philly slang word that means the plural of 'you'.

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